About The Coach

My Story


Hi! Glad to see you on my page! I am Felix, the coach for Edulight.

Over the last 11 years in the line of coaching, I had been exposed to many traits of students and learnt how common mistakes are made due to misunderstanding in basic concepts. This had shaped me to revamp the way teaching should be taught. My vision is to bring about a simpler logical way to learning. My motto to my students is a simple phrase – “Understanding not memorizing”. 

Recognizing that no one individual is the same, i adopt the empathizing style of teaching by listening to the viewpoints of the students. Once i understand the misconception that he or she might have, it will be easy for me to correct the root of the problem. Learning is no longer a one way lecture. Listening is as important for the coach to understand the difficulty of the students.

My Educational Background


I have a Master of Finance (Research) qualification from the Australian National University. Previously, I had graduated with a Bachelor of Business Management from Singapore Management University after my completion of Diploma in Banking and Financial Services from Singapore Polytechnic.

Super Efficient

Summaries concepts to main points

Deeply Commited

Making it a point to clear all doubts of students,.

Highly Skilled

Experienced in how students learn in their process and to deliver the knowledge in the manner they can understand