Frequently Asked Questions

My principle in teaching is for students to understand concepts rather than to memorise work. It is the only way for the student to handle any tough questions in their exam if the question tests them for application knowledge. It is definitely fine if you cannot understand it the first time I explain it. That’s the reason I am here. I will then explain using your personal life experiences and show you how business concepts are in fact similar to your everyday life….

Furthermore, my previous working experiences in public finance and audit equipped with relevant knowledge. I will be able to share experiences with students and ‘Bring theories to live’.

It really depends on how fast you can master the subject. Usually, I have students who can master it within 6 months of learning. It still boils down to the fact on individual learning speed.

It is recommend to have at least 1.5 hours, preferably 2 hours. Anything less than 1.5 hours will be inefficient for the student as it is too short a time for them to get a clear understanding of the lesson. On the flip side, anything more than 2 hours will be too tiring for the student.

Definitely. I had conduced online tutoring for my student. It was rather efficient as we conducted the session without much technical troubles. We conducted it via Skype and Zoom but we can always do it on other IT platforms.

I would never recommend to conduct session at public places. It is not advisable as it might be hard for us to locate a suitable place to conduct session. Ie. Noisy cafes are definitely not my choice. Ideally, it should be in study rooms.