Junior College Economics Tuition

Year 1 JC Economics

Stage 1 - Understanding Microeconomics

During year 1 of JC economics,  the focus will be on microeconomics.

Microeconomics is about understanding economics mechanisms structured in the society. Demand and Supply mechanics are heavily discuss during this stage. 

Students are required to understand scarcity, resource allocations and pricing mechanics. At this stage, students are drilled hard on understand rather than answering techniques. 

Stage 2 - Advancing to market structures and more

After a clear grasp of the basics, students can advance to a next phase such as understanding elasticity, consumer and producer surpluses and market structures. 

During this phase, students will be exposed to more elaborate concepts. Students will not only be driven to understand concepts but to learn skills and techniques in answering case studies and essay questions.  

Year 2 JC Economics

Stage 1 - Understanding Macroeconomics

During year 2 of JC economics,  the focus will be on macroeconomics. 

Macroeconomics studies about the interaction of the stakeholders such as government and household. During this phase of learning, it is important that students comprehend the relationships and the resultant effect of these interactions. 

Students will need to understand inflation and GDP.  In addition, Fiscal and Monetary policies are discussed during this stage. 

Stage 2 - Building the knowledge foundation and enhancing revision

At this point in time, the student is getting ready to take his or her A levels soon. 

The focus will be on revision and recapping on Year 1 topics. Practice papers will be given intensively to prepare the students and expose them to different scenarios. Current affairs will be discussed as they might be case studies tested for the year. 

Individual Coaching


If group coaching is not for you, individual coaching is available face to face. Venue should be at student’s premise. Public places are not recommended. 

In terms of learning efficiency, there is not much difference for  face to face group or individual learning as time will be allocated to the individual students in the group for 1 to 1 consultation. Thus, students in group can still enjoy the perks of individual coaching. Moreover, fees will be charge higher than group and individual online coaching. 


Individual Online


If an individual coaching experience is what you require but not willing to pay the fees for face to face, individual online tuition can be provided via Zoom platform.

Students had learnt the ropes and experience of Home Based Learning, thanks to Covid-19. Students should be verse in learning POA via Zoom. In addition, the past few months of online tuition had proven to be quite efficient in my opinion.